Tracey-Lee Manuel

In Testimony of Dr. Neelufer Dawood 07 February 2019

I, Tracey-Lee Manuel would like to hereby attest to the character of Dr. Dawood.

On the day I came with more than one complaint and I would like to state that she handled the consultation with such excellence.

She is very professional, kind and patient and truly caring.

I complained about my arthritis medication which does not seem to help. She then examined me thoroughly and prescribed other medication which now helps me.

She also examined my ear and mouth thoroughly and patiently and prescribed the correct medication for the infections.

One thing I would like to really express is that throughout my visit with her she remained patient and kind and very professional.

In my 43 years and various experiences with doctors over the years I can truly say that I have never met a more professional and caring doctor than her.

She is the epitome of compassion and I will recommend anyone to visit her for consultations.

I wish Dr. Dawood all the prosperity for her future as I know that she will always be a shining light everywhere she goes.

Kind regards
Tracey-Lee Manuel

Mrs A. K

Dr Dawood is an attentive and conscientious practitioner who will always go beyond her call of duty!

Mrs. Zurayda Sonday

I would like to express my appreciation for the service received from Dr. Neelufer Dawood.
She is a great health care provider. Her knowledge, strength, warmth, compassion, experience and
positive energy is what makes her so outstanding.

Having a strong work ethic means that she dedicates herself 100% to her work every day, regardless
of the situation.

She always takes her time with me, answers all my questions, and never seems to be in a hurry to
move on to the next patient. I always feel completely satisfied after my appointment. There are no
unanswered questions, doubts or confusion. I have many medical problems and she always shows a
great concern for me.

I thank her for being so professional and patient with me. Her care is exceptional.

Mrs Nazreen Perin

All my consultations with Dr Dawood were such pleasant experiences. Dr Dawood is a caring and
compassionate doctor. She goes out of her way to help one regains ones health. She explains your
condition and treatment options to you. Her service is excellent.

Leigh Anne Gordon

I have always found Dr Dawood to be very accommodating, caring and willing to go the extra mile in
order for her patients to be treated holistically. Its quite a treat when you find a doctor who is
genuinely interested in your well-being and includes you in your medical treatment. I would
definitely recommend Dr Dawood to anyone who is looking for a friendly and professional family

Crystal Koelman

Dr Dawood is patient and thorough with a excellent work ethic. She has treated me many times and
always educated me in the process.

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